Decor Du Jour’s Testimonials

“Decor Du Jour are gifted interior designers who has helped us create an individuality in each of our homes that is unique. The results of his efforts always prove to be spectacular and amazing. Decor Du Jour are genius at visualizing and creating a look and feel in a space, unimagined by others but envied by many.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Decor Du Jour and the team both professionally for my businesses and personally for my home. They have an ability to find pieces and put design ideas together that are totally unique and special. Their designs have contributed to our success. On top of being  brilliant interior designers, they is also just a lot of fun. I adore Decor Du Jour as designers and as friends.”

“Decor Du Jour is incredible at working with their clients in a way that reflects each one’s personal style and lifestyle needs. Every project is unique to the individual, and no two of his houses look the same. They are great at collaborating with architects and builders rather than demanding complete ownership, so that when they feel strongly about a particular decision, there is trust and respect already established. They are talented at so many different aspects of the design process. In our homes, Decor Du Jour has contributed to cabinet design and layout and fully understands the necessary balance between aesthetic appeal and function. They always have fresh ideas on the best room layouts, fabric and furniture choices and other elements that will compliment the way we use each room in our house. I also appreciate the way they work within budgets and timelines. Their staff execute jobs on deadlines and without exceeding financial stipulations. We have a wonderful relationship with Decor Du Jour, both personally and professionally, and love the spaces he has helped us create for our family.”

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